This blog is managed and generated with Hugo, which is a SSG (static site generator), which basically means I write all my blog posts in static markdown files, off-line, and then do git commit + git push to publish them.

The advantage of this workflow is that it’s really minimalist, efficient and portable: I can use whatever text editor I want to1, from pretty much any operating system I want to, even from my phone if I am really inclined2.

That said, sometimes I am on the go with a Chromebook and don’t have easy access to a machine to ssh to. Sure, I could just write a post in a note-taking app like Google Keep, Standard Notes or Simple Note and publish it later. But what if I wanted to publish it right away?

It would be really nice if I could just pop up an editor in a web browser just like the cool kids do with WordPress, Medium and Substack…

Mike Stone describes one way to do so, where he edits it directly from GitHub. That works fine, but then you need to write your post all at once, there’s no “save and continue later”.

I think a better approach is to use GitHub codespaces: I go to where there’s a Visual Studio Code instance running on the web, make my edits or compose a new post therein, and then git push. Even if I don’t want to git push right away, I could just come back later and continue it from where I stopped. It’s brilliant! It even has terminal access if needed (e.g. to play with hugo on the go).

  1. I mostly use vim to compose these blog posts, and occasionally Visual Studio Code (vscode). ↩︎

  2. There is a ton of markdown note-taking apps these days. Bear ($$) seems to be a popular one for iOS, but even the stock Notes app is decent for drafting blog posts. ↩︎