As much as I love my Miniflux setup, I’ve also come to appreciate some indie blog aggregators. They are especially handy when I feel like breaking out of my own bubble and/or getting the occasional serendipity dose to discover new blogs to follow.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list in alphabetical order:

(i) Aggregation of blogs, acts as poor man’s RSS feed readers that someone else manages:

(ii) Article submission websites, where their users can submit articles which are then upvoted (or not) by other users (wisdom of the crowds):

  • Hacker News. You probably know this one already. The /best page should yield a higher SNR1. Alternatively, to consume the best of hacker news directly in your RSS feed, you can use something like HNRSS to filter out all submissions below a certain threshold.
  • Lobsters. See about. Lobsters is basically a more niche version of Hacker News. One distinctive feature is that new users can only join if they are invited by another user2.

And for completeness I’ll also mention Reddit but everyone already knows it at this point.

  1. Signal-to-noise ratio↩︎

  2. Please invite me oh, dear reader. I do not currently have an account there. ↩︎