This post contains a small handful of distinct services to query your machine external IP address.



As of this writing, this doesn’t work on duckduckgo: I suppose this is related to their philosophy of not tracking their users.

This is the easiest method when you have a web browser as you do not need to memorize any URL.

I can haz ip


$ curl

I love the simplicity of I can haz ip. It just returns your IP address in plain text, nothing else. It also works from the web browser. You can find details about it here. TL;DR: It was an open source pet project of a single person (Major Hayden), then it was eventually bought by Cloudflare as it immensely grew.

It’s also possible to query your IPv6 address in case you have one:

$ curl -6



IPInfo returns structured data beyond just your IP address. There are several similar services that do this, for example, What is my IP? and, however IPInfo is the cleanest one I have seen.


I’ll also give an honourable mention to as it contains a small handful of utilities to check for things like Traceroute, DNS, whois, port check, etc.