Miniflux 2.0.36 has been released this week. This is a dear release to me because I was responsible for many of its changes:

$ PAGER="cat" git shortlog --author="Thiago Perrotta" 2.0.35..2.0.36
Thiago Perrotta (8):
      Add pagination on top of all entries. Closes #1305.
      Add links to scraper/rewrite/filtering docs when editing feeds
      Add several icons to menus according to their roles
      Add new keyboard shortcut: 'M' - toggle read/unread, go to prev item
      refactor handleEntryStatus / goToNextListItem / goToPrevListItem
      Add (+) action next to Feeds to quickly add new feeds
      Add '+' shortcut for new subscription page
      Gray out pagination buttons when they are not applicable

This is the first open source project I self-host in a serious manner that I am contributing back to. It is very exciting and fulfilling, and it sparks a lot of joy in my heart.

I have a few other ideas for improving the miniflux user experience and functionality, while still keeping it simple and elegant. As everything else in life, time is the only constraint…