I haven’t written a blog post for a couple of months now, which is a good indicator I should probably document my workflow before I forget how to do it…

First, git clone --recurse https://github.com/thiagowfx/thiagowfx.github.io/. I like to store it in ~/Projects/thiagowfx.github.io.

To create a new post, hugo new content/posts/2022-10-09-title-comes-here.md.

Use either vim or textmate to draft the post. Choose one or more tags, trying to reuse existing ones whenever possible. When using vim, use Q to reformat paragraphs.

To preview the post locally, run make run and then open http://localhost:1313/.

If everything looks good, git commit and git push. GitHub CI will then publish the post to GitHub Pages in a couple of seconds.

To blog on the go, use https://github.dev/. I documented this setup earlier, here.