2022 was an amazing year for AIs.


  • ChatGPT can effectively replace Stack Overflow to a large extent, if you learn how to ask questions to it. Example queries that work amazingly, returning exactly what you would expect, with detailed explanation and/or context:

    • PKGBUILD how to specify git version
    • python how to sort list reverse
    • systemd create unit file that forks
    • xorg start i3wm with startx
    • git update all submodules to latest tip
    • typescript make simple post request
    • chromium difference between args and declare_args
    • sekiro versus elden ring
    • generate random number between 10 and 20
      • I cannot run the code. Please generate a random number for me
      • between 10 and 20 though
    • add pasta before or after boiling water?
    • what is the difference between auszahlen and Bargeld abheben?
    • write a trip packing checklist for me

    Someone even wrote a Chrome extension to query ChatGPT alongside a Google search: https://github.com/wong2/chat-gpt-google-extension (chatgpt4google.com). I couldn’t get it to work for some reason though.

Stable Diffusion

Given a query (text), it generates an image for you. It pairs up quite nicely with Slides (when looking for inspiration) and can effectively replace Google Images to some extent.