Gerrit 3.9 has been released recently. This is a dear release to me because I was responsible for some of its changes1:

$ PAGER="cat" git shortlog --author="Thiago Perrotta" v3.8.0..v3.9.0
Thiago Perrotta (3):
      Add 'description', 'd' aliases for the 'message' search operator
      Add 'm' alias for the 'message' search operator
      UX: "Your Turn" -> "Your turn"

This is not the first Google open source project I contributed to, however I wanted to note these contributions here nonetheless.

One of my favorite aspects of Google culture is the ability to contribute to any project in the company at any time in any capacity (the so called “20% contributions”).

  1. The output was edited to remove duplicate entries and merge commits because the Gerrit project does not maintain a clean history of their commits i.e. they do not adopt a rebase workflow. ↩︎