Yahoo! Pipes is not around anymore, however there is a modern replacement for it:

It was on Hacker News recently:

Here is a practical use case for it: to filter out unwanted episodes from podcast RSS feeds.

I follow Jovem Nerd - Nerdcasts. They are a Brazilian podcast.

However, in the recent years, they added a lot of other (unrelated) podcasts from their network to the main NerdCast feed, effectively polluting it. The cleaner and elegant action to do would have been to publish individual RSS feeds for each of their podcast series, and perhaps an additional one to contain all of them, for those who would like to subscribe to everything. But that’s not what they do.

This is an effective marketing strategy for them, because the smaller podcast series benefit from the exposure in the main feed. At the same time, this is hostile to listeners, as we end up receiving bundling of episodes we are not looking for.

Enter the new Pipes.

With it I can build the following pipeline:

The end result (“NerdCast ONLY”):

You are welcome.